Industry bodies react to non PV FiT announcement

Two of the renewable industry’s main trade bodies have reacted to the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s formal response to its consultation on changes to the Feed-in Tariff for non Pv technologies.

REA’s head of policy, Paul Thompson, said: “These decisions demonstrate that DECC has listened carefully to many of our concerns, and this should restore some certainty to the sub-5MW sector. We particularly welcome the support for community schemes and the improvements to the cost control mechanism. The introduction of tariff guarantees for projects at a relatively early stage is also very helpful, and we look forward to a similar approach being extended to the Renewable Heat Incentive.

“However, our overarching concern that ambitions for anaerobic digestion (AD) are too low has not been addressed. We will be pressing the coalition government to raise its ambitions for AD in line with clear commitments in the Coalition Agreement.”

Dave Sowden, chief executive of the Micropower Council, added: “We welcome what is broadly a very positive set of proposals that should bring greater confidence to investors and customers. In particular the decision to increase the export tariff, the clarification of cost controls for microCHP, the community proposals and the decision not to extend energy efficiency requirements beyond PV are welcome developments.

“We will continue to monitor progress of the technologies supported by FITs with a view to maintaining constructive dialogue with DECC to inform further developments to the scheme.”