HPA welcomes launch of RHPP Phase 2 Communities Scheme

Gregory Barker MP, minister of state for energy & climate change announced the launch of the RHPP Phase 2 Communities Scheme this week, the third and final part of this phase. The Heat Pump Association welcomes this as another vehicle to promote the growth in renewable heat projects, increasing awareness, understanding and knowledge. Not only is significant additional funding potentially available at point of installation, but there is great emphasis placed upon sharing resource in both experience and collective buying power. Acknowledgement of the role that air and ground source heat pumps could play in this process was also welcomed

Although the HPA is concerned that the links between RHPP, RHI and Green Deal have not been adequately formulated at present, it says it will be supporting this initiative in general and community groups in particular. However it adds that, for community groups to benefit from this, they must be already be formed and in the process of securing renewable heat projects as the closing date for first round submissions is 7September and 16 November for the second round. The HPA is disappointed that funding is unlikely to commence before December 2012 and most of the monies (65 per cent) must be spent by 31 March 2013, meaning very tight deadlines to deliver £8 million of funding.

Tony Bowen