Enecsys unveils key partner

Inverter and monitoring systems supplier Enecsys has announced a key distribution agreement with Albasolar.

It says that the global partnership will allow it to maintain a leadership position as a provider of micro inverters and monitoring systems worldwide.

Alberto Medrano, founder and ceo of Albasolar, said: “Albasolar has a longstanding history of providing quality PV equipment to installers in Europe, Latin America and North America, including Mexico and the Caribbean. By offering the Enecsys micro inverter system, we are confident that our customers benefit from access to the most advanced technology on the market. Additionally, not only are our customers able to take advantage of the associated ease of installation and competitive system pricing, they are able to pass on that value to their customers.”

Enecsys ceo, Mike Fister, added: “Enecsys is pleased to work with such a forward-thinking global entity as Albasolar; they clearly understand the value of our products and communicate that value effectively to their customer base. We believe that Enecsys is uniquely positioned to provide a system of micro inverter and monitoring products with unmatched reliability and performance. By working with partners such as Albasolar, we are able to seize this opportunity and distribute the Enecsys micro invertor system to a wide global base of installers.”