MCS launches competence consultation

The consultation on the competence criteria project being undertaken by MCS has now been launched.

This project has been undertaken to clarify the competence requirements at a company level for companies already within the scheme and for those companies wishing to join the scheme. The biggest challenge faced by installers within the renewable sector trying to join MCS and work with the scheme requirements has been translating the company specific requirements in the MCS scheme documents into the existing competence criteria for individuals working within a company.

The proposals presented in the consultation show how we have now developed the company competence criteria for different roles now established, and also identifying which roles are required for each of the different technologies covered by the scheme. This will make it simpler for everyone to understand exactly what they need to become members of the scheme.

In addition to linking back through the company competence criteria, MCS has also developed clear criteria for experienced workers who do not hold specific individual qualifications. This criteria is set at the same level of existing qualification frameworks, and so ensures there is a level playing field for all individuals and companies joining the Scheme. The Experienced Worker Route (EWR) document is guidance to be used by all Certification Bodies to ensure consistency when approving companies against the performance criteria within the MCS Scheme documents.

To access the consultation documents and respond, please follow the link below to get to the consultation documents. A video is also included which provides a background to the project and also a quick summary of what the consultation is all about.

Click here to be taken to the consultation website to access the documents and response form.

All response forms should be submitted with “Competence Criteria Consultation Response Form” in the subject line to

The consultation will only be open for responses until 5pm on 9th July 2012.

MCS looks forward to receiving your comments.

Please do not respond to this email. Any queries should be directed to / 020 7090 1082.