MCS consultation receives cross-industry response 

MCS has concluded a six-week consultation dedicated to the redevelopment of the scheme, receiving a cross-industry response.

MCS's six-week consultation on its redevelopment received a substantial response from industry stakeholders, which will shape the future of renewable energy and heating technologies.

The consultation, active from 5 June to 17 July, was an open invitation to contractors, consumers, manufacturers, and independent experts. The goal was to gather diverse insights on how to shape the future of MCS, particularly focusing on developing and implementing renewable energy and heating technologies. 

Response analysis 

The consultation saw 106 official and 187 informal responses recorded. These comments and surveys provided a wealth of evidence and information that will be invaluable in guiding the scheme’s evolution. Interestingly, over half of the respondents were installers in the renewable energy and heating sector, reflecting a strong interest from those directly involved in the industry. 

In preparation for this consultation, MCS actively engaged with policymakers, industry experts, and members of the MCS standards community. The outreach effort ensured that a wide array of perspectives was captured. 

Several large and well-recognised organisations also lent their voices to the consultation. These included the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority), Ofgem, Citizen’s Advice, various industry trade bodies, and the certification bodies and consumer codes with which MCS collaborates. 

Participation from key organisations 

The success of the consultation is a testament to the collaborative spirit within the industry and highlights the collective commitment to drive forward the renewable energy agenda. MCS is well-positioned to refine and expand its certification processes, aligning them with the current needs and prospects of the microgeneration sector. 

MCS CEO, Ian Rippin, said: “Our proposals to redevelop our scheme represent the next step in the development of MCS and the small-scale renewables industry. The changes we have consulted on reflect the large volume of feedback we receive from the sector and its consumers as to what works well and what needs to improve to give people confidence in low-carbon technology. As a Standards setting organisation, it is important that we take time to step back and examine how MCS is working. 

“The consultation was critical to us because it is vitally important that our stakeholders have the opportunity to shape the industry and provide input into how it is managed. We were pleased by the number of responses, and it was particularly encouraging that we received such a high level of engagement from the installer community.

“We’re so grateful to everyone that took the time to consider the initial proposals and provide feedback; it will have a genuine impact on what we do. We will be taking some time to carefully consider all the feedback before we announce our finalised proposals in the coming months.”