Home energy handbook to launch at Hay Festival

The Centre for Alternative Energy is to launch its new book The Home Energy Handbook at the Hay Literary festival tomorrow (Thursday 07 June).

The launch will be held at the Hay-on-Earth stage during the Dragons Innovation Den session from 10-11am and there will be a signing afterwards at Pembertons festival book store.

Described as a ‘manifesto’ for home and community energy, The Home Energy Handbook aims to increase community participation in energy projects, deepen social resilience and help to re-direct the profits of energy production back to the households and communities that generate, save and use it.

Co-author Allan Shepherd said: “No other book offers such a complete and dedicated guide to all the major energy saving and renewable energy generation technologies, whilst showing how these technologies can be used to create social change. It is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to regain control of their energy future.”