Survey shows fall in staff training

A new survey has shown that over two-thirds of renewables employers have suffered from delays and uncertainties over government policy.

Conducted on behalf of EAL, an industry qualifications and awards body, the survey of 500 businesses in England and Wales also indicated that 26 per cent of respondents are unwilling to invest in staff training due to delays over the Green Delay and reductions to the Feed-in Tariff (FiT).

The lack of clarity on how individual technologies will be supported by government was listed as a ‘major concern’ by 31 per cent whilst another 25 per cent have actively decreased investment in training.

Ann Watson, managing director of EAL, said: “The survey shows that the vast majority of industry employers believe they will be affected by Government policy on renewable energy but delays and uncertainties have caused a great deal of concern and confusion. Businesses do not know which technologies will be supported and, therefore, are not investing and preparing their staff for the future of energy production in the UK.

“The Green Deal, for example, will be a massive investment that will generate thousands of jobs, but because the final details are still being worked out, businesses are holding back on preparing their workforce. The Green Deal is due for launch this autumn and is relying on industry to have the right level of skills and staff in place to meet demand for green technologies to be installed in millions of homes and businesses.

“Government must send a strong message about what support it is offering to businesses that are looking to invest in green technologies. It must also reassure employers by finalising sustainability policies and putting in place an effective agenda for moving the UK forward in its efforts to become a more energy efficient country.”