Beating the drought

Kingspan Renewables says that its introduction of rainwater harvesting systems has come at the right time with several regions of the UK experiencing hosepipe bans.

Kingspan Water’s Rainstore is a range of large water storage tanks, in a granite-look finish, each featuring a built-in tap, diverter kit, submersible pump and hosepipe connection.

The Rainstore comes in two sizes – 700 litre tanks (the equivalent of 70 watering cans full) and 1000 litre tanks (equivalent to 5 small waterbutts). The company adds that they are ideally suited for watering bigger garden plots, or to fulfil multiple requirements such as vehicle washing, window washing and path washdowns, thus removing the need for multiple smaller water butts.

Adrian Gatford, Kingspan Water’s national sales manager, said: “We are responding quickly to a fast-changing market.  Rainwater harvesting has turned a corner, and our products are in high demand.  We have created an expanded portfolio of products that we know will help meet that demand, and we will ensure that merchants are supplied smartly, in a very timely manner, in order to help them to maximise sales and satisfy their customers’ needs.”