Nu-Heat unveil single in-roof panel

Nu-Heat is now supplying a single in-roof panel for smaller solar thermal installations, potentially offering a solution for smaller installations for apartments and terraced houses.

Where previously the solution would have been two solar thermal panels, Nu-heat says that the single panel streamlines installation and is a cost-effective option.

Nu-Heat adds that the panel has approximately 15 per cent more output than the smaller panel, is the same width but slightly longer, meaning that it will still fit comfortably on a standard roof.

According to the company, for a smaller dwelling such as a flat, where the household uses about 100 litres of hot water daily at 50°C, the panel is likely to produce about half of the annual demand. The figure of 50 per cent is an annual average, and in practice, around 90 per cent of the demand will be met in July and 10 per cent in December.

As part of a smaller, integrated renewable system incorporating a heat pump, the new panel is optimized for use with Nu-Heat’s 255 litre heat pump cylinder.