Back to school for Plumb Center

With a shortage of accredited biomass training courses, Plumb Center’s first HETAS approved course was an instant success, with staff from SSE (formerly Scottish and Southern Energy) flying down from Scotland to take part. The five-day training course, held in Sevenoaks, covered theory as well as the practical aspects of installing, commissioning and maintaining biomass heating systems for both domestic and commercial applications.

Richard Rainbow, Renewables Field Manager for SSE, said: “More and more customers in our region are becoming aware of biomass – especially those who are not on mains gas. They talk to neighbours who have had it installed and are enjoying the benefits and the word spreads. Our job is to be able to recommend all different types of renewables – whatever is right for the job, hence quality training being so important to us.”

Simon Allan, Renewables Director for Plumb Center describes the company’s focus on renewables training: “Getting trained and accredited now, in anticipation of the Green Deal, is essential for those who want to access this major new scheme. We are offering more and more courses through local training centres as well as our branch network, so that independent installers can stay ahead of the game.”

Biomass is one of the Green Deal ‘approved measures’ which means that householders and businesses will have the opportunity to have this technology installed with minimal up-front cost. The total price for the appliance and installation will be financed through the Green Deal, with repayments collected via utility bills and offset by the energy savings achieved by using a biomass boiler. Biomass also qualifies for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for commercial applications, with a metred tariff of up to 7.6p / kWh. A domestic version of RHI is planned for 2013.

Plumb Center works in partnership with Sevenoaks Energy Academy to deliver a regular programme of MCS accredited renewables training courses around the UK. For a complete listing and locations visit