Plumb Center welcomes incentives boost

Chancellor George Osborne’s recent Autumn Statement confirmed a £200 million introductory offer to help boost the Green Deal when it eventually comes in to force. The consultation period for the scheme is due to end on 18 January 2012, with a number of points still needing to be finalised.

Plumb Center has been working with the government in the development stages of the framework and will continue to lobby for the inclusion of heating solutions as part of the scheme.

Tim Pollard, head of sustainability for Plumb Center explained the company’s position: “We have a fantastic opportunity ahead of us and Plumb Center will be responding to the specific questions that the government has outlined. Our focus will be on highlighting the role that small businesses have to play in getting the message out there and increasing the uptake of renewable technologies to reduce carbon emissions.”

The same week also saw the launch of the £860m Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for non-domestic properties, which represent 38 per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions. RHI offers support of between 1 to 8.5p per kWh for installations of biomass, heat pumps and solar thermal, all of which are included in Plumb Center’s product range. This ties in to the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) for homes under which over £2.5m in vouchers have been issued.