Ideal Heating simplifies heat pump access

Ideal Heating and the UK’s largest heat pump installer network, Heat Pump Installer Network (HPIN), have formed a strategic partnership to provide boiler installers with a free and straightforward entry into the burgeoning heat pump market.

HPIN members pose for a group photograph

This collaboration introduces the Ideal Heat Pump Expert scheme, designed to simplify the transition for traditional boiler engineers to become certified heat pump installers.

This alliance removes barriers by managing everything from training and paperwork to payment, allowing installers to focus solely on the installation process. Furthermore, the scheme aids installers in boosting their revenue and securing their business’s future without incurring any costs.

The Ideal Heat Pump Expert scheme not only simplifies the process of starting heat pump installations but also handles the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) registration, making it a comprehensive support system for installers eager to tap into this growing market.

Helping installers every step of the way

“Together with HPIN, we’ll be helping installers every step of the way in their journey to become Ideal Heat Pump Experts. 

“This builds on our very strong relationship with the installer community and our deep understanding of the challenges they face as the heating market changes. 

“It’s another huge statement of our commitment to helping boiler installers make the transition to become low carbon heating engineers and connect them to a steady stream of new work.” 

Members of the HPIN partnership discussing the project.

As well as opening up a new, long-term market for installers, the partnership will enable them to earn between £2,500 and £5,000 per job when installing a heat pump through Ideal Heating and HPIN. 

They can also earn £150 for each technical assessment and an additional £500 bonus if the installation is for a customer the installer referred. 

Moving into heat pumps confidently

HPIN was founded by Clayton Browne, an apprentice-trained gas installer by trade who installed his first heat pump in 2002. His company, CB Heating, has since installed more than 3,000 heat pumps across the UK. 

Mr Browne, who is managing drector of both HPIN and CB Heating, said: “We’re hugely excited by this partnership with Ideal Heating. 

“By coming together, we’ll be providing thousands of gas boiler installers with a simple, supported pathway to heat pump installations, without the need for them to become MCS-registered 

“We’re joining the dots for installers, taking the hassle out of moving into heat pumps and enabling them to enter this fast-growing market with confidence.  

“The best part is that it’s all completely free for members of the scheme. There is zero cost to join and zero cost for the training, with installation jobs provided, all design work completed and equipment supplied.”