Decarbonising Islington Waste and Recycling Centre 

Vital Energi has played a key role in Islington Council’s efforts to decarbonise their Waste and Recycling Centre, a project that marks a significant milestone towards the borough’s net-zero emissions target by 2030. This facility is the first council building to undergo comprehensive energy-saving upgrades.

Solar panels installation at waste recycling centre.

The company installed 852 solar panels on the roof and conducted essential mechanical and electrical work, including the replacement of six Air Handling Units (AHUs) with modern units equipped with electric and refrigerant coils. They also replaced the previous direct gas-fired domestic hot water system with an air-to-water source heat pump system that now efficiently supplies the centre with hot water.

Protecting the planet

Moreover, Vital Energi upgraded the building’s Low Voltage (LV) electrical infrastructure by constructing a new LV switch room. This upgrade includes the installation of new lighting, power systems, containment, and fire safety measures, significantly improving energy efficiency, enhancing carbon savings, and reducing energy costs and consumption.

Regional director at Vital Energi, Gerry Davies, said: “Islington Council has a commitment to achieving their carbon net zero target by 2030 and this project not only displays the importance of renewable technologies, but it also takes the council a step further towards reaching their goal.

“Great to see the impact social value initiatives have had on the charity and local football clubs, strengthening the community whilst ensuring we are protecting the planet for our future generations”. 

Image: Vital Energi