Peel Ports and E.ON kick off UK’s biggest rooftop solar project

Peel Ports Group, the UK’s second-largest port operator, in partnership with energy company E.ON, has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to create the UK’s largest roof-mounted solar project at the Port of Liverpool.

Peel Ports and E.ON are launching the UK's biggest rooftop solar project at Liverpool Port! 🌞 Aimed at net-zero by 2040, it'll power thousands of homes and cut emissions dramatically. #RenewableEnergy #Sustainability #SolarPower

This ambitious move aims to propel the port operator towards achieving its net-zero emissions target by 2040, marking a significant step in the UK’s journey towards a more sustainable future.

The collaboration between Peel Ports Group and E.ON will see the installation of what could be up to 63,000 solar panels across 26 buildings at the Port of Liverpool.

This installation is estimated to generate up to 31MW of renewable electricity to meet the annual power needs of over 10,000 average UK homes. The project is set to reduce CO2e emissions by more than 6,500 tonnes annually, equating to the environmental benefit of removing over 2,250 cars from the roads.

Significant investment in green energy

Scheduled to be completed by mid-2026, the installation of solar panels is part of a 25-year agreement between Peel Ports Group and E.ON. This initiative showcases a significant investment in green energy. It emphasises the use of local labour and businesses in the installation and maintenance phases, reinforcing the project’s contribution to the local economy.

Furthermore, a second phase of this green initiative involves repowering existing wind turbines at the port, aiming to fully supply the Port of Liverpool with on-site generated renewable energy. This phase includes replacing five current turbines with four new, larger ones, potentially generating close to 20MW, with plans to start as early as 2027/28 after obtaining necessary planning consent.

Solar Energy UK has welcomed this monumental project, highlighting the significant leap it represents for the commercial rooftop solar industry in the UK. However, it also underscores the challenges businesses face due to the current limitations of the local electricity grid’s capacity, urging operators to invest in network strengthening to enable more such sustainable projects.

£1billion investment in sustainability

The announcement of this record-breaking rooftop solar project is a testament to Peel Ports Group’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, having invested over £1 billion in sustainable infrastructure over the past decade. It also reinforces E.ON’s role in supporting businesses with their environmental goals, which is crucial for meeting the UK’s 2050 net-zero targets.

This project clearly indicates the advancing green revolution within the UK’s critical infrastructure sectors, showcasing a bold step forward in the fight against climate change.