New filter protects heat pump systems to maintain efficiency

BoilerMag, part of the Spear & Jackson group of companies, has recently unveiled an addition to its range of heating system treatment products.

Cost-effective protection from sludge and contamination.

The new BoilerMagHP magnetic filter has been specially designed to protect heat pump systems from loss of efficiency and breakdown caused by sludge and scale accumulation. 

Supplied with 28mm bore isolation valves, the filter accommodates higher flow rates and bigger valves to reduce the risk of pressure drops, which can affect heat pump efficiency. 

The BoilerMagHP utilises BoilerMag patented dual flow technology. Incorporating high-intensity magnets and optimum flow dynamics, it ensures extremely high magnetite collection rates, even at higher flow rates, whilst a scale guard provides additional protection against limescale accumulation. The new filter also includes in-line installation, 360˚adjustment, and high collection capacity. 

Cost-effective protection

Contamination risks can be more acute in heat pump systems as they typically operate at lower temperatures. This means they can be more susceptible to bacteria and slime, which thrive in sludge-contaminated systems. By removing contamination from the system the filter works to counter these risks.

Craig Worth, National Sales Manager for BoilerMag, comments: “We are excited to launch BoilerMagHP and support the growing movement towards cleaner energy heating systems.

“If left unprotected, heat pump systems face the same risks as traditional gas- or oil-driven wet systems. We are delighted to offer a cost-effective solution. The response from our customer base has been overwhelming”.