Zero emission boiler cuts Jersey home carbon by 90%

tepeo, the manufacturer of the Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB®), has announced a partnership with Jersey Electricity Plc, the island’s electricity provider, to help customers across Jersey to decarbonise their homes while supporting the island’s transition to net zero. 

tepeo and Jersey Electricity Plc enter partnership to decarbonise homes and accelerate Jersey’s transition to net zero

The ZEB runs on electricity, instead of oil or gas, which is drawn from the grid at off-peak times when demand is low, and electricity is both at its cheapest and greenest. That electricity is then stored as heat inside the ZEB to be used on demand to heat the home throughout the day.  

The ZEB has been designed to replace a standard boiler using the same radiators and pipework, resulting in minimal disruption for the homeowner. As a result of this partnership, the ZEB will offer Jersey residents a cleaner boiler alternative.

Using the ZEB will enable Jersey homes to reduce their carbon footprint from heating by 90% thanks to the clean energy provided to Jersey from renewables and nuclear energy from France.  

Significant challenges with the transition to fossil fuel-free energy systems

Like all islands, Jersey faces significant challenges transitioning to a fossil fuel-free energy system. Currently, renewables make up 30% of Jersey’s energy portfolio. The Government of Jersey’s Carbon Neutral Roadmap has set a target of using 80% renewable energy by 2030, with a net-zero goal of 2050, and the island is consulting on the feasibility of a 1GW offshore wind farm in the southwest of the Channel Islands territorial waters.  

In line with the Carbon Neutral Roadmap, Jersey launched a low carbon heating incentive, which allows consumers to apply for up to £5,000 of match funding towards a low-carbon alternative.  

Net zero ambitions

“We are delighted to be partnering with Jersey Electricity to help the island achieve its net zero ambitions,” said Johan Du Plessis, CEO of tepeo. “Our Zero Emission Boiler is a game-changer for the way we both heat and decarbonise our homes. We are confident that it will play a key role in the island’s transition to a sustainable future.” 

Jersey Electricity’s director of commercial services, Peter Cadiou said: “Jersey Electricity is a key partner in helping to deliver the government’s Carbon Neutral Roadmap. To support the Island’s net zero aspirations, we are focused on developing partnerships that will bring leading products and services to Jersey so we can offer choices to our customers when it comes to their heating systems.

“As more customers switch to electric heating options in the coming years, we need to ensure customers can easily access the best low carbon options at cost-effective prices.”