Italian winery benefits from solar and storage solution

Quintodecimo Vineyard, nestled in the scenic landscapes of Campania, Southern Italy, has recently adopted a solar and storage solution in collaboration with Qcells and Italy’s government-backed ‘Agrisolare’ program.

Quintodecimo Vineyard in Southern Italy goes green with a new solar and storage solution in collaboration with Qcells and Italy's 'Agrisolare' program. The move enhances production efficiency and ensures a steady energy supply, even during power outages, contributing to environmental sustainability.

The move is part of the vineyard’s commitment to environmental sustainability and energy independence.

Established in 2001 by a family deeply rooted in the region’s winemaking tradition, Quintodecimo saw the potential of upgrading its facilities with a solar system to enhance production efficiency while reducing environmental impact. The decision was solidified when their trusted installer proposed integrating a Qcells storage system, ensuring a seamless energy supply, even during power outages.

This strategic move is particularly crucial for Quintodecimo, which is located in a rural area prone to grid blackouts. The new solar and storage solution enables the vineyard to sustain grape transformation processes during these blackouts, significantly impacting the quality of the final product.

The initiative aligns with Italy’s broader efforts to encourage sustainable practices in various industries through programs like ‘Agrisolare.’ The Quintodecimo Vineyard’s proactive approach exemplifies the growing trend within the agricultural sector to embrace clean energy solutions for economic and environmental benefits.

Unimpeded by power outages

In total, 96 Q.PEAK DUO M-G11S+ solar modules, each offering a power output of 410 Wp, were installed on the rooftop of the vineyard’s grape-crushing premises. Within, four Q.VOLT HYB three-phase inverters control a 48 kWh storage system comprising 16 Q-SAVE G3 battery units. This combination of clean solar electricity and reliable, flexible and easy-to-manage storage capability ensures that Quintodecimo can run its family wine operations completely unimpeded by power outages or erratic energy prices on the grid.  

Ignazio Sasanelli, head of strategic business development in Italy, said: “As Qcells we aim to evolve into a clean energy solutions provider. Rather than focusing solely on hardware innovative technical specs, Qcells’ solutions will offer a superior experience to customers. From system drafting stage, to commissioning and post-sales activities, we seek to master each process timely and effectively. That’s the reason we aim to concretely expand our service structure, achieving closer cooperation with our local partners.”