British business helps households save millions on energy bills 

Households across the UK are cutting energy costs and embracing eco-friendly solutions, thanks to the innovative products from myenergi, a tech manufacturer based in Lincolnshire.

Discover how one provider’s eco-smart energy solutions are transforming UK households, cutting costs and boosting sustainability.

They’ve pioneered a range of ‘eco-smart’ home energy tech, making it easy for consumers to utilise and store electricity generated within their homes. 

Since its establishment in 2016, myenergi has shipped over 600,000 devices globally, with over 300,000 sent to customers in the UK. This means UK users could collectively save over £68 million on their annual energy bills.

One of myenergi’s notable products, ‘zappi’, is the world’s first electric vehicle charger compatible with solar power, allowing users to charge their EVs using self-generated solar energy. Additionally, ‘eddi’ redirects surplus electricity back into the home for use or storage rather than selling it to the grid at a fraction of its value.  

Energy Bills Rebate

Calculations from myenergi suggest that households with both a zappi smart EV charger and eddi power diverter installed could save more than £500 per year – two and a half times the amount of the Energy Bills Rebate offered by the UK government during the 2022 energy crisis. However, Both devices do not rely on each other to cut costs, and users will see energy savings from installing either device. 

Jordan Brompton, co-founder and CMO of myenergi, commented: “Households are looking to take control of their energy – whether to cut costs, reduce grid reliance, or protect the environment. Eco-smart devices that literally put power in the hands of the consumer are booming in popularity – we’re proud to be at the very forefront of the transition to renewables.”