Seamless heat pump integration with innovative connection solutions

In the UK, we have seen how the transformation of energy and environmental policies is shifting the attention of consumers and suppliers to more effective and sustainable HVAC systems for both homes and commercial properties.

The innovative Microflex HP pipe delivers efficient heat pump installations and cost savings.

Watts Industries UK, a company known for developing innovative products and technologies, has launched a new heat pump connection solutions range. Built on the manufacturer’s HVAC knowledge and expertise, it includes a wide range of components designed to seamlessly integrate air-to-water heat pump systems with heating and hot water networks.

Efficiency and cost savings

A spokesperson for Watts commented: “Heat pumps have a crucial role to play in delivering the future of sustainable heating in the UK and we are thrilled to be launching our new range of products to support our customers in delivering efficient heat pump installations and, in many cases, cost savings, thanks to the design of our Microflex HP pipe. 

From the specifically designed Microflex HP, which enables fast heat pump installation away from properties, to smart home systems, hydronic heating and balancing valves, customers can select the exact components to deliver a highly efficient heat pump system.

Watts delivers solutions that facilitate straightforward heat pump systems and suit new build and retrofit projects. They are designed to maximise the system’s energy efficiency and provide building occupants with their desired level of comfort.

For more information about the Watts range of heat pump system products or for support with your heat pump project, please call them on 01480 407074 or email wattsuk@wattswater.com