ESG: what does it mean for the industry future?

With Recom UK a main exhibitor and sponsor at Solar & Storage Live 2023, Jon Camp, managing director, is speaking in a keynote session on the subject of ESG, encouraging the solar industry to ensure ethical and sustainable principles are adhered to as demand grows at pace.

Seeing an opportunity to shape the future of renewable energy and create a more sustainable world, Jon highlights the importance of Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) in ensuring the reputation of the industry and delivering greater consumer confidence.

ESG is a set of standards covering environmental protection, social responsibility, and good corporate governance, and Recom is a company that is committed to upholding its own sustainability initiatives, providing the highest quality solar panels, whilst adhering to ESG principles.

As Jon comments: “We believe that, through continued innovation in the industry and increased focus on sustainability, the future of renewable energy is bright. That’s why it’s our mission to promote and support sustainable practices within the solar industry – for a brighter, more sustainable future.

“By understanding and actively engaging in ESG, the solar industry can be a beacon for responsible practices that benefit us all. Let’s work together to make sure it stays that way!”