A Day in the Life… MCS’ Lucy McKenzie 

We’re pleased to welcome Lucy McKenzie, who is a technical officer at MCS, to our feature that looks behind the lens at a day in the life of key people in the industry.

Lucy McKenzie, a Technical Officer at MCS, provides insights into her daily routine in the renewable energy sector.

Name: Lucy McKenzie 
Organisation: MCS 
Job title: technical officer 
Location in the UK: Warrington 
Your company/business in one line: “MCS is the certification body for small-scale renewable energy installations in the UK.” 

My alarm goes off at …  

The first thing I do each day is … 
“Walk my dog come rain or shine. We tend to head off around 6.30am and get back for 7.30am before getting ready for work. It’s not easy in the winter, but you can’t beat a summer morning!” 

I prepare for the day ahead by … 
“Writing a list. I will write a list of all the work tasks I have that day and my personal tasks for when I get home. This keeps me on track, as without a list, I would be lost.” 

I can’t leave the house without … 
“My phone.” 

My typical day…  
“I tend to wake up around 6am to give my dog a one-hour walk before I get ready for work. It takes me around 20-30 minutes to get to the office, so I normally arrive at 8.30am.  

“My days in the office vary greatly; some days, I’m in back-to-back meetings, whether that’s meeting with new stakeholders on collaboration potential or working with colleagues on ongoing projects. 

“On quieter days, I tend to get my head down with business-as-usual work, including things like research and standards development.  

“I often also travel the country attending meetings and supporting conferences/events where I present a lot about MCS and other technical updates. I love the diversity of my role, as no week is the same, and I get the opportunity to engage with a wide range of stakeholders across the industry.” 

My most memorable work moment … 
“I would probably say the first time I presented in front of a large crowd about MCS certification and the technical aspects that wrap around it.  

“I remember thinking “How did I end up in this position where I’m talking to industry experts when I barely knew anything!” I felt totally out of my depth; however, when I received questions at the end, I was so surprised at how much I knew despite still being new at MCS.  

“The presentation was highly praised, and therefore I will always remember that as a memorable moment as it built my confidence significantly. Presenting in front of large crowds is now a considerable part of my role.” 

The worst part of my job … 
“Not having the direct control to act on issues that are preventing the uptake of small-scale renewables or adversely affecting contractors/homeowners.  

“There are still a lot of challenges that the renewables industry faces which are out of the hands of MCS, and whilst we do an excellent job in supporting in any way they can, there is never a quick fix.” 

The best part of my job … 
“My job can be extremely rewarding. Much of my job is supporting contractors to meet the necessary standards, as it can sometimes be a minefield, leaving contractors feeling uneasy. I get a lot of job satisfaction knowing I’ve made a difference and offered that support, which builds confidence within our contractor base.” 

I relax after work by … 

“Meeting up with my mum or a friend for another dog walk (with sometimes a pit stop at the pub!).” 

On my bedside table is … 

“The book I’ll be reading at that time, (currently a book called The Silent Patient) and normally far too many hair bobbles!” 

The last thing I do each day is … 

“Facetime my boyfriend as he works away.” 

I’m normally in bed by … 


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