Warmflow delivers free heat pump training to revolutionise the sector

Warmflow, a renowned leader in the heating and energy sector, is offering free training in air source heat pumps in a move that the company views as a demonstration of its commitment to sustainable solutions.

Warmflow offers free air source heat pump training in response to changing renewable energy sector

With a shift towards sustainable energy urgently needed, companies that prioritise training and education will play a vital role in driving this transition. With its ground-breaking initiative, Warmflow aims to play its part by equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to embrace heat pump technology.

Removing financial barriers

Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) are a game-changing technology in the sector. However, their widespread adoption requires a workforce capable of installing, maintaining, and optimising these systems.

Recognising this , Warmflow is offering free training programs focused specifically on ASHPs, providing comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience to bridge the skills gap. By removing the financial barriers to entry, this initiative not only supports the company’s mission of promoting sustainable energy solutions but also ensures that individuals from diverse backgrounds are equipped with the expertise needed.

By equipping individuals with the skills to install and maintain ASHPs, Warmflow enables them to actively contribute to a sustainable future. The free ASHP training will play a crucial role in shaping a greener future by creating a skilled workforce that paves the way for widespread adoption of ASHPs.