Sunamp and Trianco partnership delivers game-changing heat pump and battery package

Thermal battery manufacturer Sunamp is to supply its Thermino heat batteries to Trianco, the UK heating and hot water equipment vendor, as part of a game-changing heat pump package.

The heat pump and storage package will save installers time and money

With free training for installers, the solution has been developed to simplify the installation process and reduce waste as well as saving time and money.

The simple to specify, procure and install ActivAir Plus solution is an industry first, with Trianco choosing a heat battery over other forms of thermal storage to match with its ActivAir heat pumps.

One stop shop

Due to the compact size of Sunamp’s Thermino heat battery and the reduced number of components, the comprehensive solution is easy to handle and arrives on a single pallet, significantly reducing packaging waste and simplifying logistics. It offers installers, landlords and homeowners who are making the switch to a renewable heating system a one-stop-shop and single delivery solution.

Key benefits of the new package:

  • Comprehensive and convenient: Purchasing pumps, batteries and necessary components from a single source, instead of multiple sellers, will save customers time as well as avoiding multiple deliveries.
  • Saves time and money: By procuring all the components of the integrated system from a single provider, customers will benefit from economies of scale, competitive pricing, and simplified logistics, resulting in cost savings.
  • Futureproof: ActivAir Plus comes PV ready, enabling solar panels to be added to the system at a later stage without the need to replace any major components. It also comes with a mobile app enabling remote control of the ActivAir heat pump, making it easy for landlords and homeowners to manage energy use efficiently.
  • Less waste: Trianco and Sunamp have a shared commitment to environmental sustainability, and the ActivAir Plus is designed to minimise waste. A single package delivered on one pallet, eliminates unnecessary packaging, lowering the carbon footprint associated with the installation.

Sunamp CEO Andrew Bissell said: “I’m delighted Trianco has chosen Sunamp as the go-to thermal storage solution for heat pump systems.

“ActivAir is a great heat pump, and introducing the ActivAir Plus package simplifies specification, installation and logistics associated with the transition to renewables, all pain points identified by the industry, and will accelerate decarbonisation of heat as a result. It’s a win for everyone.”

Free product training

Peter Beighton, Trianco managing director, said: “We are excited at the prospect of working alongside Sunamp and believe this is a perfect package solution to suit UK housing, with the Sunamp Thermino being around four times smaller than an equivalent cylinder.

“Trianco and Sunamp will be offering free product training at our Rotherham base along with subsidised MCS training through NAPIT training centres.”

James Robson, Chief Investment Officer at RM Funds, investors in Trianco, said: “The path to low carbon home heating solutions is a key part of the RM Funds environmental infrastructure investment thesis. The combination of the size of the Sunamp battery, combined with the Trianco Air Source Heat Pump should be compelling for any owner of housing stock.”