Podcast explores heat pump installer journey  

Embracing the low carbon future in the plumbing and heating sector, Vaillant’s podcast is back with a new mini-series that delves deep into the world of heat pump installations. 

The four-part series will cover various topics on low carbon technology, with the first episode seeing Vaillant’s own Simon Whysall interviewing the business’ technologies and training director, Mark Wilkins, on the need to upskill more heat pump installers. 

The episode shines a light on the current state of play in the industry and what’s needed if we are to meet the Government’s targets for decarbonisation. In addition, Mark Wilkins also offers insight into the role manufacturers, such as Vaillant, play in upskilling the existing installer base, including an overview of some of the regulated low carbon training courses the business offers.  

Thoughts on the current state of heat pump adoption

Mark also shares his thoughts on the recently announced Heat Training Grant and why he feels this will take a significant step towards making heat pump training even more accessible.  

Commenting on the first episode, Mark Wilkins, said: “As the move towards a low carbon future continues, I’m delighted to be back on The Vaillant Podcast, this time on the other side of the microphone. In this first episode I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the current state of heat pump adoption in the UK, the ongoing skills shortage that continues to impact our industry, and of course, what’s needed to ensure we have the skills and knowledge in place to reach the overall goal of net zero by 2050. 

“Broken into 10-minute episodes that can be accessed while on the job, this educational mini-series will provide up-to-date information on the opportunities available to installers looking to upskill into heat pumps and, most importantly, how they can access training.”  

With the remaining episodes going live over the coming months, the heat pump mini-series will look at the findings of the company’s recent installer survey with Victoria Matthews, external affairs and policy manager at Vaillant. While the third episode sees Vaillant’s head of training, Laura Needham join Mark to chat through Vaillant’s newly launched Aspire heat pump learning pathway.  

The final instalment will feature an installer who will have completed their Aspire learning journey and installed their first heat pump, which is planned to launch towards the end of the year.