Vaillant launches heat pump training  

Vaillant has responded to the growing demand for low-carbon technologies in the UK by launching Vaillant Aspire, a heat pump training program.  

Vaillant launches aspire heat pump training journey

The program was developed following a recent installer survey, identifying the barriers and motivators for training to install low carbon technologies. 

According to Vaillant, Aspire is the most comprehensive heat pump training program available to installers, providing a wide range of modules covering the basics of heat pumps, refrigeration principles, system design, installation, and maintenance.  

Hands-on workshops 

Vaillant Aspire is designed to upskill existing heating engineers to expand their businesses and offer low-carbon technology. The program is available in different ways, including online courses, virtual reality modules, and hands-on workshops, allowing participants to choose the modules they want to take. 

Vaillant’s CEO, Dr. Markus Lankl said: “Aspire is part of our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We believe that Aspire will help address the skills gap in the heat pump industry and enable installers to deliver high-quality, low-carbon solutions to their customers. We are excited to support the transition to a greener future and help installers future-proof their businesses.” 

The launch comes after Vaillant’s research found that while 82% of installers surveyed expressed interest when asked if they would be undertaking air source heat pump training in the next 12 months, many felt that loss of income, together with a lack of Government support financially, were the main barriers that would stop them investing in training.   

Upskilled on low carbon 

Developed by Vaillant’s in-house team of training experts, Aspire is the latest investment from Vaillant as it looks to support the industry, and those working in it, to deliver a low carbon future.  

Commenting on Aspire, Mark Wilkins, technologies and training director at Vaillant, said: “The journey to decarbonisation is gathering pace and ensuring the UK’s existing installer base is upskilled on low carbon technologies is central to achieving this.  

“As a long-standing manufacturer of heat pump technology, here at Vaillant we recognise the role we play in ensuring those working in the industry can not only get the products, but also the expert knowledge and support they need to deliver a low carbon future.  

“Having expanded our production capabilities just last year with the launch of a heat pump production line here in Belper, Aspire further builds on our investment by offering heating engineers and installers access to industry-accredited training for heat pump installations.”