Heero Technologies secures funding for homeowner retrofit app 

Dundee-based cleantech software and data company, Heero Technologies, has procured a substantial six-figure investment to advance its novel energy efficiency app, designed to guide homeowners through retrofit. 

Heero Technologies has secured a significant six-figure investment to further develop their innovative energy efficiency app to guide homeowners through retrofit.

The app was developed in response to one of the key challenges faced by the UK government in its bid to achieve net zero ambitions – improving energy efficiency in 19 million homes across the UK.

The app assists homeowners by providing clear, tailored guidance throughout the entire retrofit process, overcoming common barriers and complexities typically encountered in the quest to reduce energy bills. 

Offering more than personalised recommendations 

The app’s capabilities extend beyond just providing personalised home energy efficiency recommendations. It also addresses challenges such as the disruption caused by invasive retrofit measures, confusion over financing and government grants for energy efficiency, and decision-making regarding technology, installers, and manufacturers. 

First customer and future growth 

Heero Technologies also announced that it had secured its first customer, a nationally recognised building society, which plans to make the app available to approximately 350,000 users.

Kennedy said: “This is a positive endorsement of the Heero Technologies team and the solution we have created. We are excited about rolling out the project in the coming months.” 

Investors also emphasised the value of the app. Moray Martin, managing partner at lead investor The TRICAPITAL Syndicate LLP, said, “This intuitive technology brings focus to the ‘how to’ aspect by allowing us all, as individuals, to demonstrate, identify, measure and then implement our personal contribution.” 

Diverse leadership

Additionally, Heero Technologies’ diverse leadership, including a predominantly female board and a woman CEO, has earned the support of Mint Ventures, a group focused on democratising angel investment for women.

Gillian Fleming, CEO of Mint Ventures, said: “We are excited to be part of this investment, which closely aligns with our core values…We look forward to supporting them as they go from strength to strength.” 

The funding will empower Heero Technologies to enhance and expand the app, paving the way for the company’s next growth phase. By aiding homeowners in their energy efficiency efforts, the app promises to significantly contribute to achieving the UK’s net zero targets.