ISO Energy opens new office in Cirencester for energy tech 

Tackling climate change in the Cotswolds has now taken a step forward with renewable solutions company, ISO Energy, launching a new office/showroom in Cirencester. 

ISO Energy is helping tackle climate change in the Cotswolds by launching a new office/showroom in Cirencester. 

The opening of new offices, attended by local dignitaries, provides the South West with access to the latest renewable and low-carbon energy solutions. The move towards reducing carbon emissions from heating buildings, primarily fuelled by fossil fuels, is a crucial step for the UK in achieving net-zero emissions and mitigating the effects of climate change. 

This was highlighted by ISO Energy’s recent key project for Bath Abbey, which uses innovative heat exchangers in the Roman Baths to transfer 100kW of heat to the listed building. Using this innovative solution, the Baths now has more than a third of its heating requirement from a renewable, low carbon heat source. 

The new offices will combine ISO’s consultation, design, installation and maintenance expertise and customer-facing business support working heat pump systems and training facilities. This will give greater access to the experienced consultants who design, supply and install ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and other renewable energy systems that take energy from natural sources and convert it for use in buildings and homes. 

Official opening 

Among other guests at the opening is Chris Crookall-Fallon, head of climate action at Cotswold District Council, who said: “The council has big ambitions for the whole district to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and we know that decarbonising heat is a tough challenge, particularly in historic properties.  
“I’m really pleased to see another sustainable energy business coming to the district, as evidence of the growing number of providers of low carbon heating in our area, and across the whole of the South West, that will be able to serve Cotswold residents, improve local air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower household bills.” 

Will McCarthy from ISO Energy said: “Over the last few years, we have all seen the damaging impacts of climate change and achieving net zero is essential for us to limit this. Our heat pump technologies have a key role cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and by decarbonising the heat supply for buildings of all types, we can protect the environment for future generations.  

“We look forward to welcoming new and existing clients to our Cirencester office to help them find the correct, cost-effective low carbon solution for their building.”