First solar installation follows heat pump acquisition as Good Energy expands

The UK’s second biggest domestic solar power payment company is now a solar installer too.

Good Energy completes first solar installation as clean energy offering expands

Good Energy, the pioneering clean energy company, has completed its first solar installation. Having acquired heat pump installation business Igloo Works in December 2022 with the intention to expand its clean energy services offering, the company has rapidly moved to complete its first domestic rooftop solar PV install.

The development comes soon after the introduction of a smart export for the company’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) customers. As the largest voluntary administrator of the Feed-in Tariff and the second largest overall, with over 180,000 customers to whom it processed over £224m worth of payments in 2021/22, Good Energy is already a very significant business in the solar space. With the introduction of smart export for FiT, solar and storage installation services and a forthcoming market leading export tariff it is rapidly consolidating its leading role.

Growing market

Solar is experiencing a surge in the UK, with installs in 2022 doubling the year prior to over 130,000 as high energy prices have driven increased interest in households generating their own power. It is a rapidly growing market which Good Energy is well positioned for as a trusted green pioneer with over 20 years as a renewable electricity supplier and a legacy that includes being the first UK company to pay households for the solar energy they generate. 

Research from the company’s partner Zap-Map, the UK’s go-to EV charging app which Good Energy is a major investor in, has shown the strong link between EV drivers and solar too. They are seven times more likely than average to have solar installed at home, with Zap-Map’s survey of over 4000 EV drivers showing 29 percent have a PV array. As the app tops 700,000 registered users, this represents another significant area of growth for Good Energy’s new services.

Driving interest in solar

Nigel Pocklington, CEO, Good Energy said: “As a major supporter of households with solar for many years, this is a great moment for Good Energy. Not only can we provide customers with the digital services and export tariffs to make a solar install stack up, we can now provide the tech itself too.

“We expect the surging interest in solar to remain high for the foreseeable future. Right now it’s being driven by the on-going high cost of energy, and we intend to continue to drive interest with competitive export tariffs, financing and bundling to make cutting carbon cost effective.”