OFTEC launches discounted heat pump training following £9.2m BEIS funding

Installers in England can access heat pump training at a discounted rate of up to 70% until the end of March 2023, thanks to OFTEC’s successful application for funding.

Installers in England can access heat pump training at a discounted rate of up to 70%

The funding has been channelled through the home decarbonisation skills training competition run by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). 

The training is available through 16 OFTEC-approved training centres. After completion, technicians can access the trade association’s competent person scheme for heat pumps and MCS registration to install the technology through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. 

The £9.2m funding from BEIS is targeted at small to medium-sized businesses to boost the number of heat pump installers in support of the UK’s net zero ambitions. OFTEC’s application was part of the association’s commitment to roll out renewable heating solutions whilst upholding high standards and delivering the best outcomes for consumers. 

70% discount is available for training 

The 70% discount is available for the following OFTEC training courses: 

  • OFT21-504A – Installation, commissioning, and servicing of air source heat pumps (domestic space and water heating) 
  • OFT21-504D – Design of heat pump systems for domestic space and water heating 

David Knipe, training manager at OFTEC, commented: “This discounted training is a fantastic opportunity for installers to take advantage of the growing heat pump market. The government wants to accelerate the rollout of heat pumps which presents an opportunity for technicians to diversify and futureproof their business in a changing landscape. 

“OFTEC is fully committed to delivering low carbon heating solutions to homes and businesses across the country, and heat pumps have an important role to play. However, as an industry, we must uphold high standards and ensure consumers have the support and information they need to determine if the technology is suitable for their home. 

“We have over a dozen OFTEC-approved training centres lined up to deliver this training, but the funding is only available until the end of March 2023. We anticipate high demand so we would urge technicians to get in contact with their local training provider.” 

 Heating-based businesses in England 

To qualify for the discount, candidates must work for a heating business based in England as part of the criteria set by BEIS. They must complete the assessment in full and receive personal certification in one of the eligible courses, following an internal verification process and technical review before the final certification is awarded. 

Assessments must be sat in person at the centre, and pre-assessment training and training reference material can be included in the funding allocation.