GoodWe urges training investment in response to solar demand 

With soaring energy bills and spiking interest from homeowners for solar PV installations, leading manufacturer GoodWe is urging installers to invest in training to ensure they are prepared to meet demand. 

Solar demand set to rise calls for training investment.

The number of small-scale installations, excluding solar farms and large businesses, in May was 11,000, up from 5,000 at the same time last year, according to Solar Energy UK.  

Meanwhile, The Guardian reported that the number of eBay searches for solar panels and solar power batteries had increased by 54% and 134%respectively in June compared with the same period last year. 

Interest in solar is expected to increase further 

This wave in interest and installation is expected to increase further as the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) will run out in April 2023 and consumers will again be exposed to the volatile Energy Price Cap. 

GoodWe has launched a new professional training initiative in the UK. Known as GoodWe PLUS+, the programme is designed to allow current solar installers to sharpen their skills around the design, installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of inverters and batteries. It also offers a route into the industry for those looking to add solar energy to their portfolio. 

Eugene Lucarelli, marketing manager at GoodWe UK, said: “We know interest is surging from homeowners around solar installations, and it’s no surprise given the skyrocketing energy price rises. For installers, this represents a great chance to capitalise on the market’s opportunity. 

Training in person and online 

“This is why we’ve launched our new training scheme and are encouraging installers to sign up. By doing so, they can ensure quicker installation timeframes and greater confidence in commissioning and troubleshooting. Along with this, they can further increase their knowledge and expertise around complementary solar solutions, such as EV chargers, battery and home storage solutions, hybrid inverters and building integrated photovoltaics, all of which are set to grow in demand.” 

Phased over three separate modules, the GoodWe PLUS+ scheme currently offers live training that can be undertaken in person or virtually. Taught by a professional technical specialist from GoodWe, each module lasts approximately one hour, and upon completion, installers will see receive certification as a GoodWe PLUS+ installer. 

As well as recognised certification and enhanced knowledge, GoodWe PLUS+ installers can also benefit from an extended warranty of up to ten years on GoodWe’s range of string inverters for residential applications. Once training has been completed, all installers need to do is register for an installer code for GoodWe’s monitoring solution, SEMS, install an inverter and then connect the inverter to SEMS. 

Makes sense to invest in solar now 

“We know the great challenges that are facing the UK’s homeowners and installers right now, and with the payback period for solar rapidly declining because of soaring prices, it makes sense to invest in solar right now,” said Lucarelli.  

“At the same time, we also realise there’s a skills gap in the market and a shortfall of installers able to take on the work, which is where GoodWe PLUS+ comes in. 

“With our scheme, not only will delegates achieve recognition as a GoodWe PLUS+ qualified installer, but they will also be well equipped to answer homeowners’ enquiries on the latest technologies.  

“With GoodWe’s portfolio as well, installers have access to a complete solar solution and benefit from dealing with one manufacturer and one single point of contact for any technical enquiries or after-sales support.”