International quality mark puts greentech ahead of the field  

A leading specialist in the design, construction, operation and management of photovoltaic solar projects has achieved IMS accreditation, giving customers reassurance that its solar farms meet the highest international standards for quality, health and safety and environmental management. 

quality mark puts greentech ahead of the field  

greentech UK, which has its headquarters in Milton Keynes, was awarded IMS accreditation in September 2022 after successfully passing an independent audit for the provision of PV solar development, operations and maintenance. IMS certification is awarded to companies which implement two or more ISO standards together in a single framework that everyone in the company can work from.   

greentech achieved ISO 14001-2015 – Environmental Management, ISO 9001-2015 – Quality Management and ISO 45001-2018 – Health & Safety Management, as part of its accreditation and managing director Yaw Ofori believes this aptly demonstrates the company’s professionalism, dedication and drive to grow the commercial solar industry in the UK in a sustainable way.  

As the solar industry is expanding quickly, with lots of newcomers entering the market who don’t have a proven track record in delivery, greentech believes the IMS accreditation offers its customers and installer partners added reassurance that they are dealing with a trusted provider. 

Solar industry is growing very quickly

“The solar industry is growing very quickly as demand for renewable energy generation increases,” says Yaw. “There are a lot of newcomers to the market and it can be difficult for landowners and farmers to know who to trust with their development. As one of just a few solar developers with IMS accreditation, we can give customers confidence that we are compliant with international standards for quality and this differentiates our offer from the rest of the field.  

“Ultimately, when a landowner or farmer leases their land for solar development, they want to know the project is going to run smoothly and it provides the benefits for them and the environment that is promised at the outset. IMS accreditation allows us to do that, with a quality mark that runs right through from our development and operational processes to our maintenance service which is available for the life cycle of a solar farm – typically 40 years.”