New low flow temperature heating CPD  

Jaga UK has launched its third new CPD seminar for 2022 entitled Emitters: considerations for low flow temperature heating

A new CPD seminar: ‘Emitters: considerations for low flow temperature heating’ has been launched by Jaga UK.

This latest CPD seminar has been fully accredited by both CIBSE and RIBA, and is in response to England’s building regulations uplift which came into force recently. The update stipulates that all new and replacement wet space heating systems in domestic and non-domestic buildings must be designed with a maximum flow temperature requirement of 55°C – an important factor for system efficiency. 

In this new CPD seminar, Jaga’s technical experts talk you through the building regulations updates for maximum flow temperature, heat pump technology, the various emitter options and sizing for low flow temperature systems and how to achieve optimum system efficiency by selecting the right emitters. 

Common misconception 

Jaga UK’s, managing director, Phil Mangnall said: “This latest CPD is designed to help engineers, architects and installers understand the importance of designing heating systems with the lowest water flow temperature possible. A significant factor for heat pump efficiency is water flow temperature, the lower the temperature the higher the coefficient of performance (COP).  

It’s a common misconception that when working with lower flow temperatures, you must opt for overly large steel panel radiators or underfloor heating, but that simply isn’t the case. There are compact, sleek, and highly efficient emitter options that are proven to be very economical with heat pumps and renewable energy technology. So, we hope this seminar will equip the industry with the knowledge they need to select the right emitters for the most efficient low carbon heating system.”