British solar heat tech partners with heating product manufacturer 

British solar heat tech developer Naked Energy today announces their partnership with Rinnai, innovators in heating and hot water appliance manufacturing. 

World-leading British solar tech developer, Naked Energy, partners with the UK branch of leading Japanese heating water control and thermal technology manufacturer

The partnership will see Naked Energy’s solar technology combined with Rinnai’s heating and hot water systems to help future-proof the energy needs of commercial buildings across the UK. 

The integration of Naked Energy’s solar thermal collectors with Rinnai’s Hydrogen Blend Ready, BioLPG ready and future low carbon product portfolio will support the UK’s transition to clean energy, and the offering will be led by Rinnai – providing businesses across the country with more energy efficient heating systems. 

The move comes as part of Rinnai’s larger ‘Creating a healthier way of living’ brand mission, which will apply their technology to green energy, with Rinnai’s heating systems being integrated with Naked Energy’s Virtu products: VirtuPVT and VirtuHOT.  

The Virtu product range is set to provide 40-60% of the heat requirement in future projects across multiple sectors including leisure, care homes and camping facilities.  

Collector receives gold standard 

The VirtuHOT collector, which generates solar heat, recently received the gold standard TÜV international certification.  

Jonny Williams, strategy and partnership lead at Naked Energy says: “Rinnai is known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating appliances and we’re very proud to be partnering with their UK team.  

“Our two technologies are perfectly suited, as the combination of Virtu collectors and Rinnai appliances are entirely complementary. Rinnai is making strides to decarbonise heat and we’re looking forward to making future heating systems cleaner and more efficient with our integrated offering.” 

Making strides to decarbonisation  

Chris Goggins, director of operations at Rinnai UK, said: “Naked Energy’s solar thermal technology is the perfect fit for our Hybrid solutions offering. Maximum renewable gains can be achieved from Naked Energy’s range and the smart Rinnai tech will only apply to precise energy required to boost temperatures, which can streamline the decarbonisation of buildings across the UK.  

“Together, our technology will make heating systems up and down the country more efficient and aid the UK’s transition to cleaner energy.”