Solar technology sees leisure pool heating bill cut to zero 

A Bristol-based leisure centre is breaking the mould when it comes to heating their main swimming pool thanks to Solarsense’s solar thermal tech.  

Solar technology sees leisure pool heating bill cut to zero

The Innovative solar thermal technology – seen here on the centre’s flat roof – has reduced the leisure centre’s heating bill to zero since it got to work earlier this summer.   

The installation at Bristol’s Everyone Active leisure centre in Easton was commissioned by Bristol City Council, a pilot project for the partnership in advance of further planned installations across the city, and delivered by Solarsense which has a base in North Somerset.   

Tech can be integrated into existing systems 

The technology can be integrated into existing systems and creates cost savings of up to 60% less energy to heat water and up to 35% less energy for space heating, alongside reduced consumption of fossil fuels and no CO2 emissions during operation. It takes about three months to install.   

Solarsense founder and MD Stephen Barrett says that while the technology has been used for smaller-scale facilities, it’s been underused so far in the UK for bigger operations like leisure centres.   

“It has the ability to make an ongoing and very powerful difference – cutting energy bills in even the darkest winter months when the solar supply can simply be topped up with gas,” explains Barrett.  

“What’s more it has the potential to pay for itself multiple times over the course of its life and we’re thrilled Easton leisure centre, based in the heart of this busy community and serving some 40,000 people each month, will be the ones to showcase that.”