Octopus Electric Vehicles offers an all-you-need EV package 

Octopus Electric Vehicles has launched an all-you-need EV package that provides drivers with the car, charger and energy tariff. 

Fiona Howarth - Octopus Electric Vehicles launches UK ‘ultimate’ all-you-need EV package.

The Electric Vehicle disruptor – part of the Octopus Energy Group – has opened up its electric car offering to millions of new drivers in the UK and the States, where it is setting up a second country base. 

The new personal electric vehicle (EV) package follows the success of Octopus Electric Vehicles’ salary sacrifice scheme, to which 1,500 businesses have signed up in the last 15 months. 

EV experts will help drivers pick the right car, answer any questions and guide them through the entire process. The Octopus team has also pre-ordered popular EVs to help drivers beat long lead times.  

In the UK, customers’ monthly bills cover the car, tyres, servicing, repair and breakdown assistance from The AA – everything they need to take to the road. 

Green energy tariff for low-cost charging 

The offer also includes a smart and green home charging solution, combining Octopus’s Intelligent Octopus tariff and a free Ohme Home Pro charger.  

Intelligent Octopus is the UK’s first 100% flexible charging tariff, using Octopus’s energy flexibility platform – KrakenFlex – to charge when it is best for the energy system. The green energy tariff has a low-cost window of six hours, during which the green electrons cost just 7.5p / kWh – between 23:30-05:30.  

Throughout a three-year lease period, an average UK driver on Intelligent Octopus with 5,000 free miles can save up to £3,775 on fuel costs compared to an equivalent petrol car.  

The smart charging solution also brings the UK a step closer to our future energy system that matches usage to when renewable, clean energy is generated. Analysis by the Carbon Trust and Imperial College found that a fully flexible energy system could reduce costs for the UK by up to £16.7bn a year in 2050 while ensuring energy security. 

Fiona Howarth, CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles, commented: “Demand for electric cars is soaring – driven by over 65 amazing cars from 28 manufacturers, low running costs and convenient charging at home and work.  

More EV models entering the market 

“We’ve seen that drivers are looking for experts that can offer the full EV package to guide them through their journey. With more EV models entering the market every month, and innovative tariffs like Intelligent Octopus making charging your car as easy as your phone, we only expect the transition to accelerate. 

“We’re thrilled to open up our ultimate EV package to millions of new customers both in the UK and the U.S. Our roads are transforming and we plan to lead from the front, making it easy for drivers to switch to clean, electric cars.” 

David Watson, CEO of Ohme, commented: “We are delighted to be the only approved smart home charger for Octopus Electric Vehicles with this exciting new offering for future EV drivers. 

“This new package makes it easy for motorists to make the switch to electric in a way that’s simple and hassle-free. With the car, Ohme Home Pro smart charger, EV energy tariff and 5000 miles of free charging all rolled into a single bundle, it’s a one-stop-shop for drivers to make the switch to an electric vehicle.” 

Edmund King OBE, president, of The AA, said: “As EVs become more prevalent, so too do the needs of drivers looking to make the switch. Alongside the myriad of support options for new customers, we are very excited to be providing our breakdown assistance to Octopus EV’s ultimate EV package. This innovative product shows that no boxes have been left unchecked when drivers transition to a greener vehicle.”