Octopus Energy’s Kraken eyes up utilities revolution 

Kraken Technologies, the cloud-native platform behind the fast-growing disruptor Octopus Energy, is expanding to target industries such as water and broadband.  

Octopus Energy's Kraken eyes up utilities revolution and announces expansion from energy to other utilities.

Since 2020, Kraken has contracted 25 million accounts in energy, accounting for over 40% of UK energy customers, and is live in 6 geographies. With clients including EDF, E.On, Octopus, Origin, Tokyo Gas, Good Energy and Hanwha’s Nectr, Kraken has already delivered c. 20 rapid, successful migrations. 

Its new business, Kraken Utilities, will be the first all-service dedicated technology platform for the utility industry. Building on the already award winning end-to-end entech platform, Kraken Utilities will create customer centricity and automated, scalable and efficient operations for other traditionally low-tech sectors, allowing innovation at pace.  

The new team will be led by Deepak Ravindran who is moving over from Boston Consulting Group (BCG). As a senior partner and managing director at BCG, Deepak gained extensive experience transforming legacy businesses through technology, working across the UK, Nordics, US, South East Asia and India. Deepak is a successful entrepreneur himself, taking the tech business he founded from concept to IPO. He has been involved as a partner to Octopus Energy Group since 2018.  

Hyper-speed development

To build the platform, Kraken Utilities is hiring for 50 open positions – adding to the 250 technologists, spreading across product development, tech and go-to-market teams. The team will work across Octopus Energy Group’s main tech hubs in London, Houston, Sydney, Manchester, Silicon Valley and Tokyo.  

Completely cloud-native, Kraken delivers around 100 releases per day, supported by an enormous array of automated testing. This allows hyper-speed development compared to traditional platforms – enhancing agility and driving greater security, resilience and service levels.  

In a fast-changing world, fast-changing technology is no longer a luxury, but increasingly a necessity to keep up with customer expectations, regulatory changes and social and environmental needs – as well as the huge opportunities offered to drive higher efficiency through big data and machine learning.  

Deepak Ravindran, CEO of Kraken Utilities, comments on the news: “Kraken is well on its way to revolutionising the energy sector. It has brought a new level of customer centricity and now powers the most loved energy utilities globally. “But energy doesn’t need to be the only utility which can benefit from the Kraken model. Many companies seek to become more customer centric and efficient – Kraken’s unique combination of low-risk transformation to a digital-first operation is a huge opportunity for these companies. This is an incredibly exciting time for me, and the whole team here, to help bring this transformation to great companies across the globe.” 

Driving down costs 

Greg Jackson, founder of Octopus Energy Group, comments: “We’ve increasingly been approached by water companies, telcos and other utilities who saw the way that Kraken has transformed customer and employee experience in energy, whilst driving down costs and opening up whole new opportunities through technology and customer engagement.  

“With forward-thinking utilities and regulators seeking to benefit from lower operating costs, better customer experience and exploiting whole new efficiencies through machine learning and big data, we’ve been working hard to expand Kraken from its revolutionary position in energy to offer these advantages across all utilities.”