New Viessmann heat pumps for the easy replacement of boilers

Viessmann has launched two new-generation monobloc air source heat pumps, the Vitocal 150-A and Vitocal 151-A for replacing boilers in the UK’s existing housing stock. 

Viessmann has introduced its new heat pumps for the easy replacement of boilers.

Each is available with outputs of 10, 13 and 16 kW and both the wall-mounted Vitocal 150-A and the floor-standing Vitocal 151-A have a high maximum flow temperature of 70 °C (at an outside temperature down to -10 °C), meaning that in most cases they can use existing radiators and do not require under-floor heating.  

Both use the same control platform as Viessmann’s boilers, so that they are compatible with the rest of Viessmann’s product range. And both integrate previously separate system elements in the indoor unit (IDU), reducing installation time by a full two hours.  

The Vitocal 151-A has an integral, 190-litre DHW cylinder, yet is unusually compact. Both models are extremely quiet in operation.  

The Vitocal 150-A and 151-A take up 60% less space in the home, due to the unique and innovative Viessmann OptiPerform, incorporating the Hydro AutoControl feature. The buffer tank, expansion vessel, and overflow valve – components which usually have to be installed and connected separately – are now integrated in the IDU.  

Low global warming potential 

Locating the defrost buffer inside the IDU also ensures that the heat pump never fails to start, regardless of system temperature. For future-proofing and to ensure very low global warming potential (GWP), the system uses R290 (propane) refrigerant, one of the most climate-friendly and cost-effective available with a GWP of less than 1!   

With a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 4.9-5.0 (according to EN 14511 for A7/W35 and depending on the model), the new heat pumps generate up to five times the usable heat for heating and hot water from one kilowatt hour of electricity and heat from the outside air.   

The patented Hydro AutoControl hydraulic function assists reliable integration into existing heating systems. The Service Link integrated internet connection allows for remote updates with a fast connection, even if there is domestic internet disruption and the unit is not connected to the internet.  

A growing need

All Viessmann products and digital services, for both installers and end-users, are networked within its new One Base software platform. This connects the new heat pumps with other system components such as the company’s Vitovolt solar PV system, as well as the ViCare customer app and the service tool, ViGuide, for the installer.  

“When the time comes for homeowners to replace their boilers, more are now looking for renewable alternatives. The Vitocal 150-A and 151-A air source heat pumps help answer this growing need.  

“The end-user gets an efficient, environmentally-friendly solution that delivers heat like a boiler; the engineer gets a unit that’s much easier and faster to install. Having fewer pieces of equipment has cut the time needed for installation by 90 minutes,” said Viessmann’s marketing director, Darren McMahon.