ATAG Heating Technology endorses FlueSnug 

The latest endorsement for PipeSnug’s products from leading boiler brand ATAG Heating Technology comes hot on the heels of pipe seals being mandated in Part L of the Building Regulations, which are coming into force in June 2022.   

Leading boiler manufacturer ATAG Heating Technology endorses FlueSnug

“We are delighted to endorse FlueSnug for our range of boilers,” said Scott Sanford, head of technical for ATAG Heating Technology.  

“ATAG have been designing and manufacturing gas appliances for over 70 years, setting high standards for energy efficiency and engineering and we have ambitious plans for the UK market. With new Building Regulations mandating the use of pipe seals, FlueSnug is a great solution that fits into our overall ethos.” 

FlueSnug is a solution for sealing around the flues from ATAG’s range of boilers. Being among the most energy efficient boilers in Europe, their ‘i’ range also has extremely low NOx emissions, meaning they’re kinder to the environment. FlueSnug ensures an energy efficient, airtight seal where the boiler’s flue enters and exits a wall, both inside and outside a property. 

Saves 40 minutes

“There are many reasons FlueSnug has been endorsed by boiler manufacturers like ATAG Heating Technology; you can fit it in seconds and it ensures a professional-looking airtight seal inside and out on every installation, without the need for mixing mortar or using messy sealants,”said Alex Lever, director of PipeSnug. 

“It is estimated FlueSnug saves approximately 40 minutes when replacing a boiler’s expansion vessel, as you don’t have to chop out the existing flue and then make good again afterwards. FlueSnug makes access to the flue for servicing easy and it also brings health and safety benefits too, as it can be installed from the inside of a building, removing the need for expensive scaffolding and PPE.”