MD appointment at Ambiente marks installer-focused future

Sheldon Cooper has officially taken the reins as solo managing director at Ambiente, marking the beginning of an exciting new era for the underfloor heating specialists. 

MD appointment at Ambiente marks installer-focused future

Bringing a wealth of experience in the sector to the business, Sheldon is focussed on continuing to develop the Ambiente product offering, further engage with installer customers and support them in every way possible to advance their own businesses. 

Sheldon said: “Having spent the last 13 years in the HVAC contracting sector, I have gained invaluable experience and understanding on how the construction industry works; from raising capital to buy land, through to after-sales service and customer care support offered to the eventual homeowner – no two project journeys are the same. Each stage of a project’s multifaceted journey involves people seeking to mitigate risk, manage budgets and expectations, and overcome the unforeseeable, whilst companies bid to put their brands on the line based on the outcome of their involvement. 

The challenge placed on the installer 

“Something that has always stood out for me is the challenge placed on the installer to arrive on site, deliver on all the previous planning, design, and coordination – then be able to walk away with no come backs or surprises. I view site workers from a new perspective and have a high level of respect for the companies that go out of their way to give their installation teams all the training, know-how and tools they need to make every project a success. 

“Through my dealings with Ambiente as a supplier of underfloor heating to the trade, I have been impressed by the lengths that the team go to, focussing on how they can make customers look good in front of their customers. This is what I will be building on going forward, whilst integrating the learning I have derived from being at the coalface of contracting. The future is incredibly exciting! 

“There are opportunities at every turn and companies need to position themselves to support installers while keeping up with market changes and making it easy to do business. I look forward to a bright future and personally look forward to meeting the many great installers that have been working with Ambiente over the years.”