GoodWe solar helps Leicester business go green and cut costs  

GoodWe, a world leader in photovoltaic (PV) solutions, has partnered with Environmental Roofing Services (ERS) and ADS Laser Cutting to provide a green supply of energy and protection from rising energy costs.  

Previously the site of Fox’s Glacier Mints, the factory now bears an array of iceberg-saving solar panels and inverters. In January 2022, four GoodWe 100kW HT inverters were installed to convert PV energy generated by solar panels on ADS Laser Cutting’s east-west roof.  

Eugene Lucarelli, marketing manager at GoodWe UK, said: “We are very happy with ADS Laser Cutting’s decision to make the switch to solar power. We designed the HT inverter to save users money on installation and energy bills, and they have taken great steps with GoodWe to futureproof themselves against further energy price increases.” 

Saving 414,000KG carbon emissions 

Following the successful installation, another 400kW of solar inverters have been authorised, bringing the total capacity to 800kW once the project is completed. The new solar setup will save an estimated 414,000KG of carbon emissions, similar to the annual carbon produced by 90 cars driven for one year. 

The company chose the inverters for their high efficiency and small size. Exceeding 100kW, they are designed to reduce the LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) and maximise wattage in a small footprint, making them the natural fit for commercial sites in the UK. 

The carbon savings of the company’s installation will equal just under 1,000 barrels of oil

Duncan Keates, managing director at ADS Laser Cutting, said: “We are proud to double-down on our commitment to renewable energy. Solar has come a long way in the past several years, and we are glad to be using it to power our site, knowing the good we’re doing for the environment.” 

Solar energy is a crucial element for many businesses facing skyrocketing energy costs. According to the Office for National Statistics in February 2022, 12-month inflation rates for gas and electricity are at their highest level since early 2009, with gas at 28.1% and electricity at 18.8%.  

Mark Powell, sales director at ERS, said: “It’s great to see ADS Laser Cutting deciding to go solar. The technology is more affordable than ever and, with energy prices increasing, it’s not surprising companies like ADS Laser Cutting are making the smart choice to have solar panels and inverters installed.”