Career in gas is a ‘good choice’ 

In a further boost to the industry, a recent survey by Logic4Training has revealed that 70% of installers believe a career in gas is a good choice. 

The findings show a shifting industry, with 54% of respondents thinking about upskilling into renewables and low-carbon heating technologies. 

Set against the backdrop of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, Logic4training was keen to find out how installers felt about government plans to accelerate the take-up of heat pumps and other renewables – 44% planned to develop their business as a result of this scheme. 

Of the 54% who said they had started to upskill into renewables or planned to soon, heat pump training was by far the most popular technology (91%) but installers also expressed an interest in solar thermal (47%) and solar PV (26%). 

Installers also reported a shift in consumer interest, with 59% stating that their customers were asking more questions about renewables and low-carbon technologies. 

54% of gas installers have started to upskill into renewables

Installer concerns 

The installers who did not intend to upskill (55%) stated a lack of confidence in government schemes as the main reason. Tradespeople have been bitten before by ill-thought-out consumer incentives and the survey results reflected this: only 38% of installers saw the imminent Boiler Upgrade Scheme as a positive move. 

Key findings: 

·        83% would recommend a career in building services to someone leaving school 

·        71% of building services installers feel a career in gas is a good choice 

·        54% plan to or have already trained in heat pumps or renewables 

·        59% said their customers were asking more questions about low-carbon heating 

·        38% think the Boiler Upgrade Scheme is a positive move 

·        44% plan to develop their business due to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme 

“The heating industry is on the cusp of great changes that will see a transition from gas and oil to greener alternatives, such as hydrogen and electric heat pumps. It’s great to see that the majority of building services installers are feeling positive, predicting strong demand for plumbing and heating skills. 

“Existing plumbing and heating installers should really be thinking about becoming multi-skilled, but what’s clear from our findings is that the government must do more to instil confidence in its plans, without a strong installer base, low-carbon schemes will fall flat.” Mark Krull, director for Logic4training