Heat pump and storage combination enhances CHP energy solution

The 15-year performance-based contract will see the implementation of a self-funding fully integrated energy solution, which includes conversion from the existing steam heating system to a Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) distribution infrastructure. This will be supplied by a modern, highly efficient, gas-fired combined heat and power unit, complete with a selective catalytic reduction system, LTHW boilers and solar photovoltaic arrays.

This solution is further enhanced via the introduction of an innovative combination of water and air sourced heat pumps and a battery energy storage system, which will help create a smart grid from which the local community will benefit, together with a range of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) funded by the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS).

Building on their extensive track record of delivering future-proof energy solutions within major acute hospital environments throughout the UK, Vital will deliver ECMs such as a 643kWp solar PV array on the roof, optimisation and upgrades to the existing Building Management System, pipework insulation, and the retrofit and upgrades of existing air handling units and chillers, all specifically designed to reduce the energy consumption and the overall carbon emissions of the Northwick Park Hospital.

The PSDS funding, which is administered by Salix on behalf of the Government’s Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), was secured through the combined efforts of the Trust and Vital Energi teams working together to submit a complex application within an extremely challenging timeframe.

Ashley Malin, managing director of Vital Energi Solutions, said: “Having supported the Trust through their PSDS application, we’re proud to have designed an optimum energy solution which aligns with the aspirations for the future development of the hospital by providing space within the energy centre to introduce additional energy technologies.

“As well as guaranteeing a significant reduction in carbon emissions along with substantial financial and energy savings, we’re working alongside hospital staff to ensure energy services continue as normal and the patient experience is not affected.”

Mark Trumper, director of estates & facilities at the Trust, said: “The financial savings and the eradication of high-risk backlog maintenance cannot be underestimated at an NHS Trust, however we are extremely proud to be part of a team that will save 2,500 tonnes of carbon every year in London.

“This was only deliverable through complete collaboration, an innovative commercial model to maximise value, and an expedited project delivery within a long-term partnering arrangement.”

The Project Development Team at Vital Energi  have a proven track record of successfully delivering highly complex and fully integrated energy solutions to both private and public sector customers throughout the UK, including site specific energy generation schemes similar to the solutions for Northwick Park hospital.

Vital Energi are delivering the project through the Carbon and Energy Fund Framework, which has been specifically created to facilitate energy infrastructure projects for public sector organisations.