Wanted: Thousands of heat pump installers

Boris Johnson’s 10-point-plan for a ‘green industrial revolution’ promised to create 250,000 jobs in the UK. With the end in sight for new gas boilers within the next 5 years, and with alternatives such as heat pumps seemingly favoured by government, 10,000 heat pump installers will be needed by 2025 to achieve the carbon emission target. According to EY, there are, currently, only around 1,200 installers qualified to do this in the UK.

Supply and demand

Could it be a lack of demand for heat pumps that has led to this lower-than-required number?

Nicola Pitts of the Independent Networks Association, which commissioned the research from EY, said: “No public awareness and engagement campaign has taken place with consumers so far. It is clear that one size does not fit all for consumers, and this could lead to a lack of demand for the first homes delivered under this standard.”

Nicola has called for a workable cross-government plan with “clear planning frameworks, timely and ‘right-sized’ utility connections, a developed low-carbon heating system supply chain and sufficient numbers of skilled fitters.”

Do you believe that consumers need educating on alternative, renewable energy technologies? Do you have ways of doing this yourselves? We’d love to hear what you think will make a difference