Surprising stats for solar

The PV installations were installed under the Local Authority Delivery of the Green Homes Grant, the only segment of the scheme that is both still running and that PV is eligible for.

Liverpool-based clean tech company Heatio is teaming up with Perenna Bank and Energy Systems Catapult to launch a green mortgage, offering lower interest rates to homeowners who adopt low-carbon technologies.

Air source heat pumps accounted for 104 installations, low carbon heating 113 and 87% of installations was insulation.

The scheme itself has been rife with issues including administrative problems leading to delays in payments and there have been repeated calls for improvements. It is reported that the Green Homes Grant will only provide vouchers to less than a sixth of the initial projected 600,000 homes.

With the government unveiling an additional £300 million in funding for domestic upgrades in March this year, the Local Authority Delivery has been touted as a relative success. This comes at the same time as the government announced the winners of £74 million allocated for the Local Authority Delivery for installations taking place by the end of this month (June 2021).

Nearly 6,000 households were identified as eligible for Local Authority Delivery funding, with around 1,300 (22%) of these in London, 1,170 (20%) in the South East and 990 (17%) in the East Midlands.