Grant UK’s handy heat pump guide for homeowners

A pivotal part of an air source heat pump installation is the customer handover. This procedure involves the installing engineer showing their customer how their new heat pump works and demonstrating the parts of the system an end-user needs to understand in order to achieve and maintain the desired comfort levels with their heating and hot water. To support this key stage, Grant UK has developed a Handover Guide for their Aerona³ air source heat pumps which will be supplied with each unit alongside the installation manual and will support the installer onsite with their handover processes.

The new Aerona³ Heat Pump Handover Guide is split into sections so that homeowners can easily find the information they require, from how to register their appliance through to advice about servicing and maintenance. The guide also includes useful explanations about how the Aerona³ operates, its energy usage, its defrost cycle and how to monitor the system pressure. There is also a detailed section which shows end-users how to set their preferred temperatures with the controls, explaining the concept of ‘setback controls’ and how this can help achieve maximum efficiency with their system. 

“Air source heat pumps are a reliable, highly efficient low carbon heating solution that more and more consumers are installing in their homes,” comments Kevin Ellis, renewables sales manager at Grant UK. “Heat pumps do not operate in the same way as traditional fossil fuel heating systems so it is important that manufacturers, such as Grant UK, help customers to fully understand how heat pumps work and how to achieve the best performances. Our new Aerona³ Heat Pump Handover Guide will be supplied alongside all our heat pumps so homeowners can turn to this guide for advice and guidance. It is hoped that such a resource will be a useful reference for homeowners throughout their heat pump’s lifetime and, alongside Grant UK’s heat pump video tutorials (available via the Grant UK YouTube Channel), provide end-users with the knowledge they need to enjoy all the benefits that their Grant heat pump can deliver.”

Download your copy of the Aerona³ Heat Pump Handover Guide here.