George Clarke brings heat pumps to homeowners’ living rooms

Much like the first, the videos will help to answer homeowners’ questions on what heat pumps are and why they are a great alternative to traditional fossil fuel systems.

A couple of years ago, AOS Heating announced its delight that one of its heat pump installations in Milton Keynes has been selected to be featured in George Clarke’s recent informative video created by Mitsubishi Electric.

At the time, Mitsubishi Electric announced an association with the TV presenter, architect, lecturer and writer, to help promote Ecodan air source heat pumps.

Speaking directly to the UK homeowner, the video showed how air source heat pumps work and why this technology, and specifically Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan, could be the right choice for their home heating. The video is still available to watch now on YouTube, allowing homeowners to learn more about heat pumps from the comfort of their living rooms.

Best known for the Channel 4 programmes George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, The Home Show and Restoration Man, George Clarke is a passionate advocate of design excellence and high levels of quality in the construction industry.

In addition to his TV work, George is creative director of George Clarke + Partners and has set up the charity, Ministry of Building Innovation and Education (MOBIE) to inspire new generations into the building profession to “fundamentally transform” the way we think about, design and construct homes and bridge the skills gap.