Framework tender opportunity for MCS certified installers

They are now inviting tenders from MCS certified installers of air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, Solar PV (photovoltaic) and energy storage systems to install both national and regionally.

This new framework agreement will be used by Procure Plus’ social housing and public sector customers looking for suppliers and installers of low and zero carbon technologies for their property improvement projects. Only companies appointed to this framework will be able to bid for these projects for the four-year duration of the framework.

David Kemp of Procure Plus said: “Unlike other larger framework procurements, the approach we’re following does not disadvantage SME participation meaning that public investment in low carbon goods and services can support local, post covid, ‘economic recovery’ plans whilst also tackling climate change and fuel poverty.”

He added: “The value of the framework is high and is based on the identified demand for these technologies by our customers. The levels of support that customers need is also high. Suppliers and contractors appointed to this £1.3bn framework will be required to work collaboratively with customers to reduce emissions from buildings across both social housing and the wider public sector.”

The deadline to submit tenders is 15th June via the Procure Plus tender management system, here.