Case Study

Refurbishments and retrofitting renewables

Matthew Thompson took the helm of his family business, Thompson Heating & Plumbing Ltd over 7 years ago. With the company being a big advocate of renewables, it is no wonder that when Matt started refurbishing a new family home in Duns Tew village, he chose to move away from fossil fuels.

The 1960s bungalow, situated on the outskirts of a field in the Cotswolds village, is in the early stages of refurbishment. Telling REI about the project, Matt said: “We are completely gutting the whole house currently. It’s a big project but an enjoyable one. The plan is for this house to be our family home – we’ve renovated quite a few houses, but this is the one for us.”

When asked about the renewable technology that Matt is planning to install in the home, it was an easy choice: “We will be installing an air source heat pump. We fit a lot of them as a company and know how good they are, when installed properly.”

Going one step further, Matt chatted about his plans on how to power the home: “The plan is to run the entire house of the power generated from a nearby solar farm. The power that feeds into the house will of course come from the grid, but that grid will run on the power from the solar farm. This way, our home will be completely carbon neutral.”

The solar farm, originally constructed at Hills Farm back in 2016, was built on 11 hectares of land and predicted to power around 1,515 homes. In 2019, discussions were held around the updated proposals for a new solar farm and energy storage facility alongside the existing solar array. The expansion, as it stands, is still under review.

In part 2 of this case study Matt talks through the key considerations taken into account when refurbishing his bungalow to ensure that the family reap the full benefits of installing a heat pump.

Matt Thompson, Managing Director of Thompson Heating & Plumbing Ltd based in Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire. Plumbing and heating specialist, specialising in domestic installations, mechanical building services, bathrooms, maintenance and servicing.