Heat pump ‘how to’ from Grant UK

Comprising 18 videos divided into three playlists, the videos have been developed to assist both heating engineers and end-users.

Air source heat pumps are growing in popularity with both consumers and their installers selecting this renewable technology to achieve sustainable heating systems in homes. To help customers develop their understanding of heat pumps, how they work and what factors help them to perform at their best, Grant UK has developed a series of video tutorials. Each video addresses a particular question to provide clear, concise and informative answers, allowing viewers to select and watch the content which is most relevant to them. 

Viewers can either watch a complete playlist or refer to single videos to access the product information they require. One playlist features 11 videos all about the Aerona³ heat pump controller, for example. From programming through to fault finding, this playlist is a great resource for installers who work with Grant heat pumps and their customers who have them installed.

A second playlist contains a tutorial which covers the processes and steps involved in setting up and commissioning a heat pump so this video content is purely aimed at the installing engineers. A final playlist centres around the customer handover of a heat pump system – the topics covered include controlling the system, radiator temperature, airflow, servicing, water pressure and system water. This playlist has been developed for both homeowners and installers, to provide additional customer support during the important handover process after an installation. 

“We are very excited to reveal these new heat pump video playlists,” comments Kevin Ellis, renewables sales manager at Grant UK. “They should prove to be a useful resource for end-users and installers which they can view and return to at any time. The tutorials are presented by John Morris, one of our renewable business development managers, who explores each topic in thorough detail and in a way that is easy to understand. In addition to these three playlists, Grant UK is also working on additional heat pump video content which will be available later in the year, further expanding the range of resources and support we are delivering to customers.”