Case Study

Growth for green energy and riding the ‘Solar Coaster’

The Marden-based company specialises in green technologies such as solar panels and EV charging points for domestic and commercial properties.

Commenting on the idea for starting the business, managing director of The Little Green Energy Company, Simon Dudson, said: “Having worked in the solar business for a few years we saw a gap in the market for a good technical company that could offer full design, consultancy and installation service. Solar PV was an emerging technology moving into the mainstream with the help from the government’s feed-in-tariff.

“We started out, operating from a spare room at home, originally looking to book a couple of installs a month to provide a living. I can honestly say we never expected to be where we are now!  It has been a steep learning curve.”

Now one of the South East’s leading providers of solar panels and batteries, the firm has appointed a board of directors to help fuel its growth.

10 years strong and in prime position

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary Simon comments on the changing technical landscape witnessed over the years and how the changes couldn’t have prepared the company for the last few months.

He said: “With what we have learned and overcome in the past 10 years and with year-on-year growth we have high hopes for the future.

“Covid-19 has tried to derail many companies, but I feel this will make us stronger. We’ve already learnt so much about our business as result and made improvements that perhaps we may not have noticed under ordinary circumstances.

“We saw an increase in business through the lockdown as people were spending more time at home and had more time to look at how they can make positive changes to their current energy supply. We have also been able to grow the team in this time which has led to further training on the latest developments in the industry.

“Climate change is firmly on the agenda and I believe we are in a prime position to help people work towards a greener future.”

All aboard the Solar Coaster

A phrase coined by the industry to reflect the challenges and highs in the solar industry, with many falling victim to fluctuating FIT rates in the market, riding the ‘solar coaster’ is no easy feat.

Simon tells us when this ride began, speaking of his friend Michael Folb. “Back in 2007 when doing some electrical work for Michael, he introduced the concept of Solar PV to me as a business, even taking me on a trip to China to see what they were doing there and to meet suppliers.  My first install (not as TLGEC) was done back then on a block of flats in Maidstone that Michael was developing. It all started after that moment!

“We started out offering Solar PV only solutions. Today, to live up to our commitment of empowering homes and businesses to build a sustainable world for future generations, we have added battery storage and EV charging to our offering. Both are developing at a fast rate and is an exciting area. 

Solar PV hasn’t changed too much over the years. The principles are still the same, however panels have become more efficient giving you more output per m2. There is also a better choice of manufacturers offering higher quality products. Inverters have got smarter, making systems more efficient and giving customers more real time information.”

As the technology developed, battery storage has been added to the company’s product portfolio, with Tesla bringing Powerwall to the market. Powerwall is the next step to an around-the-clock solar powered home or business, with EV completing a lifestyle solution in reducing a carbon footprint.

We look forward to keeping up to date with TLGEC, the growth of solar and the role that Powerwall will play in homeowners taking control of power.